I am using filters to better organize my emails. What I am trying to do , I believe, is relatively straight forward but I am not getting the result I'm looking for.

I get emails from "[email protected]" and emails from lots of other sources using the same domain. What I was to do is send any emails that are from "[email protected]" to get one label and emails from any other address with the same domain and NOT "somename" will get another label.

So I went into my filters, I created a filter that has "[email protected]" in the "From" field. That gets label A.

I created another filter that has "@somedomain.com" as the from section and "from:[email protected]" in the "doesn't have" field. These are to have label B applied to them.

I'm getting emails from "[email protected]" labeled both A and B. I've also tried putting "somedomain.com [email protected]" in the second filters from field and have got the same result.

Could someone tell me what I may be doing incorrectly here?

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Just got this to work by creating both filters in the From field. The following are the searches applied (note: I'm not sure whether or not you were using quotation marks in your filters before, but I did not)

  1. Label A (for the specific email address at the domain) from:([email protected])

  2. Label B (all emails from the domain other than the specific email address) from:(domain.com -name)

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