The Situation

I've subscribed to some newsletters. These newsletters/issues come out on a weekly or daily basis. I'm able to receive most of these newsletters via Email and all via RSS. I want to save them automatically to Pocket.

Newsletters/Feed items to add

  • Web Design Weekly
  • Responsive Design Weekly
  • CSS Weekly
  • Sidebar.io
  • The Pastry Box Project (only RSS)
  • Musigh (only RSS)

1. Pocket: direct integration into Email services/feed readers

  • Google Reader and Feedly both have a button to save a new item to Pocket – but I don't see a possibility there
  • Such a button doesn't exist for Email services according to the guys from Pocket (Source)

2. Using IFTTT & Gmail channel

Pocket can add the first link it finds inside an email.

  • if new email labeled "newsletter" then Save Body Plain to Pocket
  • if new email labeled "newsletter" then Send Body Plain as Email to [email protected]

3. Using IFTTT & Feed channel

This requires creating a recipe for any feed.

  • if new feed item from specified feed url then Save Entry URL to Pocket

Other things that might help:

  • 1
    Emails to RSS might be helpful here. (Found on this question.) You could set filters in Gmail to send to Email2RSS address, then use IFTTT to read the new feed item and add to Pocket.
    – ale
    Commented Jun 13, 2013 at 19:17
  • Also, IFTTT just introduced the "Any new attachment" trigger to the Gmail channel, in case you can get these newsletters as PDFs or the like.
    – ale
    Commented Jun 13, 2013 at 19:22

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After testing many different solutions (see my question above for more information), I discarded my approach to use Email. Instead I've subscribed to the RSS feeds of the newsletters and use IFTTT recipes to automatically save new feed items to Pocket.

  1. Subscribe to the feed(s) via RSS
  2. Create a new IFTTT recipe
    • Choose Feed trigger channel
    • Choose New feed item trigger (one could adjust this by using the trigger New feed item matches)
    • Enter Feed URL
    • Choose Pocket action channel
    • Choose Save for later action
    • Add own Tags (optional)
    • Add Description and finally create the recipe
  3. Wait for new feed items and the recipe to trigger – Voilà

A nice improvement would be marking the saved items as read. If I find a solution, I'll add it here.

Just if you're interested – I've shared these recipes on IFTTT: https://ifttt.com/people/kleinfreund


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