I was working on a Google Spreadsheet and I found that it does not allow more than one white space anywhere.

Is there any option to stop auto trimming on text? I searched it but didn’t found any solution.

║ what google gives ║ what I want ║
║ text              ║    text     ║

You can use a formula workaround which should work regardless of the OS, eg:





It kept removing extra spaces, even when I placed a character in the front (e.g. =CHAR(160)&"text") and pasted those results over. Here's what worked for handling leading spaces (this solution won't accommodate text with trailing spaces):

Determine the number of leading/training spaces, in B1 enter: =LEN(A1)-LEN(TRIM(A1))

Paste the original text over to Google sheets, along with the results from the formula used above that counts leading/trailing spaces.

Then in a new cell, enter: =REPT(" ",B1)&A1

This worked for me!


You can add a leading ' in a text editor and then paste to google sheets.

'      <AMOUNT>34000</AMOUNT>

I always use the keystrokes "Alt+0160" or "Alt+255" to get it to indent.

You have to be in cell edit mode. Type the keystrokes above for a space. This solves your question "stop auto trimming on text" but your subject says "allow trailing white spaces". With the limited info I would say it works for that too.

This is useful for indenting and such in some formats.

  • thanks for your answer .. but I am using fedora os. When I press any number holding alt .. it changes the window ..
    – Let's Code
    Jun 19 '13 at 3:53
  • That being a critical part of your problem, would have been nice to see that in the question.
    – William
    Jun 19 '13 at 14:06

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