I want to attach a little note on some conversations, for reference/summarization/etc.

It is not yet built-in but Google is I think collecting enough votes for this feature.

There's a third-party app but I don't want to have to trust/rely on anybody for this.

Is there anything that could achieve the original purpose?

Case in point: I've an order placed and received tracking info via email, and I want to add a direct link to the tracking page to that email.

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If you use Google's Task List, you could add the message as a Task and add notes to that.

"Add to Tasks" is under the "More" menu.

"More" menu

It's then added to your tasks, with a convenient link to open the original email message.

Task list

Then you can edit the task and add information to the "Notes" field.

Edit task


I would just forward the message to myself, adding whatever notes I wanted in the forwarded message.


Reply to the said conversation, add any notes you want, but do not (ever) hit send.

(This is my solution for the time being, unless someone has a better idea...?)

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