With Gmail's new tabbed inbox, is there a way to move a message to a different tab, using only the keyboard?

Selecting a message with x, then pressing v to open the Move To drop down, shows a list of labels, including labels with names matching the new tabs (e.g. Social, Promotions, Updates). However, choosing one of those labels results in a message like "The conversation has been moved to "Social". Learn more Undo":

Gmail move message

However, as you can see from this screenshot, the message does not actually show up in the Social tab. If you navigate to the (new, auto-created upon switching to the tabbed inbox UI) Social label in the sidebar, the message does show up, along with many others:

Social label messages

Which brings me to the question: is it possible to actually move a message to a different tab, using only the keyboard (not the drag-and-drop method), in the new tabbed inbox UI for Gmail?

  • great question. since you haven't got an answer in over 3 years I'm guessing the answer is no.... :( – Juan Velez Jun 5 '17 at 17:25

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