I often need to search for documents by date (created or last modified) in Google Docs. For example, forgetting where I put it (and the name/content), so needing to search all my Google Docs for files created yesterday, etc.

Is there any way to do that?

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Google Drive accepts at least some of the same special search keywords as Gmail.

I searched for before:2013-01-01 after:2012-12-15 and got back only files with "Lasted Edited" dates in that range.

Google support has more information about searching your Google Drive, including the search operators it supports.


You can do this fairly easily through All Items. You can even see the folder where it's saved.

  1. Click More on the left
  2. Click All Items
  3. Choose to sort by Last modified or Last edited by me or Last opened by me

google drive sort all files

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    Not quite as fast, I think, as searching by date (if you're looking for a range of dates). But very useful info. Thanks! Jun 28, 2013 at 14:03

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