A job board is not really an app, it's just a list, simply speaking. Anyway, most of these are applications from the implementer's view.

  • Which job boards did you like and why?
  • Which job boards did you use and found useful in the past?

Background: I am doing a short report on the internet job board landscape at the moment, so links or short answers would be a great help for me!


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Jobster has a nice user interface and experience; not sure about its effectiveness.

Stack Overflow Careers rocks :)

LinkedIn has a good jobs section


Not sure if you'd consider it a job board in the traditional sense, but:



I have had great success with our state run Department of Workforce Services job board for both finding new jobs and hiring full or part time candidates. They are 100% free and get 10-100 times the job postings that other sites do. Most other states have an equivalent site, which are great resources for both employees and employees.


TechCrunch's CrunchBoard is an excellent resource.

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