I want a working keyboard shortcut for Google Spreadsheets, that lets me paste just the formatting. Google says the shortcut for copying just the formatting is Cmd+Alt+C, and pasting just the formatting is Cmd+Alt+V.

However, Cmd+Alt+C opens up the Chrome Dev Tools panel. And, perhaps because of this, Cmd+Alt+V doesn't do anything. I don't actually think the "copy just format" is necessary -- you only need the special paste functionality. But using the standard Cmd+C to copy a cell and then trying Cmd+Alt+V doesn't do anything.

The "Paint Format" button also does what I want, but there is no keyboard shortcut for that.

I would be happy to create a custom Chrome extension to achieve this, but my initial attempt (simply trigger a click event on the corresponding menu item element) didn't work -- not for paste format nor paint format.

Looking for any kind of solution that ultimately lets me use a keyboard shortcut to paste cell formatting.

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cmd + c then,

cmd + alt + v

works for me on a Mac.

Ctrl + C then,

Ctrl + Alt + V

works on Windows


Copying with Ctrl+c and pasting with alt+e then s then f works for me.

But as you are typing Cmd instead of Ctrl maybe you're on a Mac, aren't you? I don't know if this will work for you.


I mapped it to alt+Z here. You can change it withing the AHK script below. I have set the shortcut to specifically work on Chrome so it won't interfere with any other programs.

Use the following autohotkey script:

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
;SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.
;keyWait waits for a user to physically release a key, so don't use
#SingleInstance Force

#IfWinActive ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1
!z::     ; ALT+Z
Send, {alt down}e
sleep, 50
send, s
Sleep, 50
send, t
send, {alt up}

I know this is old & has been answered, but just to confirm that as of 2018.07.28, double-clicking on the Paste Format button still does not work as expected (allowing multiple Format Pastes). What does work is:

  • L.Click the Cell you want to adopt the format of (Origin)
  • Ctrl+C
  • L.Click the Cell you want to receive the adopted formatting (Recipient)
  • Press&Hold Ctrl, PRESS DON'T HOLD Alt, Press&Hold V

And that's it. Also works for any arbitrary number of other cells (at step 3, Ctrl+L.Click as many Cells as you wish; probably Shift+L.Click works as well). Also, the "Press Don't Hold Alt" bit seems to work for Step 2 as well, for some reason.



It helps me. Chears.


(windows) in google sheets after ctl+c your desired formatting - you have to hold down
ctl+alt first, then press v to paste/paint it to the new cells


(windows) in google sheets copy cells with the desired formatting using: ctrl+c then highlight cells you wish to paint the formatting to & press: alt+e then s then t


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