How can I view the list of people who have me in their circles on Google+?

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  1. Go to your Google+ page
  2. Bring up the left-hand sidebar and click on People (formerly Circles) Google+ People
  3. Once in your People section you can select Have you in circles from the top, middle, grey bar Have you in circles

Another way to see at least some of the Google+ circles you are in (larger, public circles) is using the Public Circles Database- though this definitely doesn't cover the more quotidien circles (e.g. your best friend's friend list probably won't be in here).

You'll need your 21-digit Google ID number:

You can find it in your browser's address bar on your profile page. Or use this link: http://plus.google.com/me

For example: My profile page is: https://plus.google.com/102235836543922327908/posts and my Google+ ID is 102235836543922327908

From there you can search using your Google ID Search Public Circles

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