I'm wondering if anyone knows of a Greasemonkey script or something for Firefox which will either filter, or indicate my notifications in Facebook such that I can either:

  • See only notifications for items on which I have actually commented (as opposed to those I have simply 'liked')

  • Highlight notifications for items on which I have actually commented so I can distinguish them from ones I have merely 'liked'

After a quick search in GM, I see ones to color code matching notifications for the same post, but I'd like to either filter out or dim out notifications for posts on which I haven't actually commented.

Other solutions besides Greasemonkey are also welcome.

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    I wish FB would provide better controls over a lot of things, this included. Jul 24 '10 at 14:50

you can try better facebook it's a great tool with many options to control facebook status and other things. Works with chrome, firefox, opera and safari.

  • Well, it doesn't do exactly what I want, but it does have previews when you hover your notifications, and that does help quite a bit! :) . I did turn off a lot of the other stuff though as ALL the default functionality seemed to create quite a performance hit.
    – eidylon
    Jul 25 '10 at 5:09

This issue has actually been taken care of, now that FB groups notifications by post.

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