Now that MS Money is no longer viable, I need to move to some other money management tool. Is it possible to import your historical financial records into mint.com? I have six years of history in Microsoft Money that I don't want to lose.


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I don't think this is currently available. I'd recommend putting in your vote for this feature on their GetSatisfaction site.

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    The GetSatisfaction site is no longer available.
    – Stevoisiak
    May 11, 2017 at 0:02

According to 2million's Personal Finance Blog, no:


Pros: Free! Web based so no software required and could access on any computer. Web design seems very slick for categorizing expenses, etc.

Cons: Transactions limited to web access financial accounts. No real ability to keep up transactions in other accounts or "buckets" in your personal finances. Reporting features seem more limited to what I am use to with MS Money. No ability to import the years of data I have with MS Money.

However a possible alternative is Quicken:

Quicken has a Microsoft Money data converter, but not all data transfers easily because of differences in database structures.

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