How can I know which friends on Google+ are not using it? I have reached the limit in some circles, and want to delete the users who are in my circles but don't use Google+.

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I recommend the Circloscope Premium for Chrome: 5 AUD for the extension and your circles management will be a piece of cake.

Circloscope premium lets you analyze people in your circles in numerous ways. For example, you can:

  • analyze the last post of all people in your circles (or a specific circle or mix of circles),

  • analyze your relationship with them (whether it's a two-way relationship, you're a follower, or they're your followers),

  • analyze their engagement with your posts (either by plussing, resharing or commenting on your posts),

  • analyze their relevance to you (based on how many interactions between you and them), etc.

I hope this helps, it sure has worked for me.

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