Is there a way to print (or export, or save as PDF) all mail messages between specific dates in Gmail?

I realize I could probably do it through an email client, but I would rather be able to through the web interface that I use daily.


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James Ferreira wrote a Chrome App for that and used Google Apps Script for it:

Gmail Print All PRO

Gmail Print All Pro is here to help you quickly export messages right to a Google Doc that you can print, save as a pdf, share with others, or store in a way that works for you. Built to be simple to use, all you do is add messages to a Gmail label and run Print All from your Chrome Web Apps screen. This will create a Document in Google Drive containing the content from your messages and you can even choose to have the attachments saved in the same folder.

It used to be free a charge, but nowadays a little fee is required. Program is said to have 22000 weekly users.

Note: I'm not affiliated to Gmail Print All PRO


I'm not sure how you would easily print all of the results, but you could find them by searching for:

after:2012/01/01 and before:2012/12/31

Obviously, you would replace the dates with your own.

  • I don't think this is a useful answer without the part about printing.
    – Bernhard
    Commented Jul 23, 2013 at 13:38

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