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Label outgoing emails in Gmail when composing the mail

I use GMail's labels extensively, and would often like to specify labels on email I'm sending - specifically I have a waiting label for stuff I need to follow up with if I don't get a reply. But there are plenty of other labels I'd like to attach to outgoing email sometimes.

Is there a way to do this without having to go to the Sent Mail folder after I've sent the email?


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One method is to CC the message to yourself -- or even better, to [email protected] -- and have a filter on your e-mail address which then applies the Waiting label.


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You can apply labels to drafts, and they seem to stick after the message is sent. It's an extra step, but since I often write messages and come back to them later to polish and send it works for me.

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Best way I've found to do this is to:

  • Compose mails in a new window (shortcut is 'C' (Shift+c) or you can just click the icon in the top right).
  • In the original window, go to your drafts folder and label the message as you wish.
  • Continue composing your message and send it - the label will remain.

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Create a filter with "me" in the "From" field and tell it to apply the "waiting" label (or any other label you want). Of course, you can specify other criteria for the filter if you don't want the label to apply to all outgoing mail.

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