I am looking everywhere to understand how it works. Basically, I have some files I do not want to share anymore with some coworkers. I have revoked the permissions on Google Drive web interface. Now the question is simple: what happens if these documents were synced with a Google Drive app on Windows?

Do the files get deleted as well from the local machine on which they are synced or what?

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Yes, the files do infact get removed. This is the whole idea of the syncing feature. As long as Google Drive is running and there an internet connection, then the files will be synced with the server. Part of the sync process is adding AND removing files, so that the files appear as they do in the browser.


I suppose you are using the Google Drive App. Not exactly the answer to your question but try Google Backup and Sync instead. Using that you can specifically select which folders to be synced with your Google Drive storage and you can stop a set of selected folders from syncing anymore after it has been synced(if you want). Also, by this option 'Don’t remove items everywhere' under Preferences, you can ensure that your synced content will not be deleted even if you delete them from your original location.

Refer to this answer as well: https://webapps.stackexchange.com/a/130712/195865

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