How can I see only my text posts on Tumblr? I want to go back and see just my text posts, not the photos and things I reblogged. Does anyone know how?

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It appears that in the past this was possible but with a very recent change made it no longer work.

This DailyDot article explained how one could previously accomplish this:

8) Filter your dash by type by using "/show/[mediatype]".

Appending “/show/text” to tumblr.com will let you see only the text posts on your dash.

This also works for photos, links, quotes, audio, chats, and videos.

(Though I'm unsure if this applied to user's blogs or just tumblr.com)

One way in which you could allow for this to work in the future is to tag all of your posts with their media type (e.g. #text, #image, #video, etc.) and then add /tagged/text (for example) to the end of your blog's URL to view only those types of posts. You can use http://www.tumblr.com/mega-editor to easily add media-type tags to all of your old posts.

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    This no longer works the way the article describes. Instead the result is being displayed a 404 Not Found page by tumblr. Aug 8, 2013 at 11:35

You can view your text posts in the archive using the link below. Know more about filtering the archive in this post by the Tumblr Staff.


However, here's the catch: All your text posts will be retrieved, even the reblogged ones.

If you want to see your original posts, you can go to this site but all your posts will be retrieved (even photos, etc).


You should be able to use this search tool. It's really simple - just select the type of post (all, photo, text, etc.) and enter the user name and search. I'd also use maybe 25 or 50 as the 'Return # per page,' rather than the default 500. Sometimes, even when you enter the correct information, the search returns an error - you may have to try a few more times in order to get the results to display.

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