I’ve noticed on numerous occasions that some users on Wikipedia have names that include colors and styles while most do not. There are a bunch of examples of various kinds on this page (I’ve compiled a smattering of examples in the image below).

How do they color and style their usernames? Do they include special markup or CSS in the actual name?

Mash-up of examples of Wikipedia signatures with colors, styles, boxes, etc.


I looked at the source for a page that contains such examples, and it looks like what they are doing is to use the signature field in the user-profile settings to (below). You can enter markup (the examples I saw were using the deprecated <font> tag and style attribute). Then when you edit a Wikipedia page and add the ~~~~ to add your signature, it will include the specified styles.

Also, svick pointed out a page that gives guidelines on what is an is not acceptable in a customized signature.

Screenshot of Wikipedia’s signature field

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