I have a variety of audio devices attached to my computer in addition to the built in speakers and microphone. When I use Google hangouts, I have to go to the configuration settings every time to tell it that I want to use my wireless headset (mic and speakers, respectively). This device is always attached to my computer, I have yet to enter a hangout without it attached and turned on.

I didn't have to configure audio settings each time in the recent past, hangouts would just use whatever device I used last, but now it's always defaulting to the on board hardware. Is there some different place or way that I can tell hangouts to remember my preferred device and just use it if available?

I use Chrome (latest stable) for hangouts, and allow all cookies / local storage to persist when the browser restarts. Do I really need to configure my audio settings every time I join a hangout?

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Try using the Chrome extension for Hangouts. I use this on 4 different machines and it always remembers the individual settings for each machine.

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