Is there an array function to copy an array? I use the workaround =TRANSPOSE(TRANSPOSE(A1:A30)) currently.

An example of when this is useful: you have a worksheet of raw data, and another worksheet with formulas applied to those values.

Doing it this way means that if a row is inserted in the first spreadsheet, it will be inserted in the second.


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Short answer

Instead of =TRANSPOSE(TRANSPOSE(A1:A30)) consider to use ={A1:A30} as it's shorter.

Long answer

An alternative to ARRAYFORMULA is the use of embedded arrays also named

  • inline arrays
  • literal arrays
  • array parameters
  • "your own arrays"

Example of embedded array of constants


Literal Array


Example of embedded array of non-adjacent ranges.

Embedded array

It's worth to say that for spreadsheets with regional settings that use:

  • . as the decimal separator should use , as the column delimiter
  • , as the decimal separator should use \ as the column delimiter

In both cases use ; as the row delimiter.


Using arrays in Google Sheets - Docs editors Help


An ARRAYFORMULA would cover that. You can reference a range of columns like so:


Complete columns are taken in to account, thus if something gets inserted on sheet 1, it will be included in sheet 2.

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