Is there any way to specify which calendar the event should be put in when adding an event using Quick Add in Google Calendar.

The help article on the topic gives all sorts of advanced options, but I can't seem to find one to select which calendar to add the event to.

Am I being stupid, or is there no way to do this?

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You can't select which calendar in Quick Add. However if you add event by clicking on your calender grid, you can bring up a dialog which allows you to select your calendar. That's pretty quick to me too. E.g. I can say "@7am dentist appt", then select a calendar, then submit, this doesn't go through the full calendar configuration screen.


If you are a Windows user, this free tool allows you to specify the calendar: Google Calendar Quick Add Utility for Windows


I just solved this in Fantastical. It doesn't seem to work in Google Calendar. One of my calendars is "commitments". I typed "movie 5:00pm calendar com" and it selects the right calendar.

  • The question is about using Google Calendar, not Fantastical. Dec 1, 2014 at 11:49

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