Since moving to the UK I have a weird problem on Google Maps: It always shows me the Google web search interface rather than a map. For example, https://maps.google.co.uk/m?q=london&client=ubuntu&channel=fs&oe=utf-8&gl=uk&gbv=1&ie=UTF-8&oi=nojs looks like this:

Google web search for "London"


Turns out the issue is a simple bit of miscommunication: I am using NoScript*, and I have allowed google.com, but not google.co.uk. Since Google automatically redirects anyone in the UK to .co.uk addresses, and silently show their web search page rather than informing users that maps won't work without JavaScript, this was the result.

Fix: Allow google.co.uk in NoScript.

* To force most web sites into loading in a reasonable time and with as little bleep as possible.

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