I only have access to the web interface.

How do I count the number of contacts for a user? I have full admin access as well as access to the account in question.

  • In Firefox, Ctrl+A highlights the whole page. Holding shift and keying up/down doesn't work.
  • In Internet Explorer, Ctrl+A does nothing. Holding shift and keying up/down performs a nice scroll, but does not highlight anything.

I have looked at the People tab and done a search for the first two digits of the number of contacts. (Searched for 35 when the expected contacts are 3530)


Install the Powershell module for the Office365 or Windows Azure AD.

After the installation you can find the so many cmdlet which is related to Office365.

For Example the cmdlet "Get-MsolUser" lists the complete user information in Office365.

check this link for more detail.

Also check this link, if you have any problem to login Office365 using Powershell.

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