I'm trying to set up an auto responder to only certain people in Gmail. I'm aware you can go to –SettingsGeneralVacation responder to set a global response, but I'm trying to setup almost a filter that says

IF EMAIL IS "[email protected]" SAY "Im not here at the moment, back next week" IF NOT "[email protected]" DO NOTHING

Is that possible in Gmail?

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Yes, it's possible. Unfortunately, unlike the vacation autoresponder which only sends the message once to the sender, you'll end up sending the message every time you receive a message.

First, you need to turn on the Canned Responses lab and set one up.

(To create a canned response, start by composing a new message, then in the context menu of the compose window choose Canned responsesNew canned response….)

Once you've got your canned response, now you need a filter.

Create a filter with the trigger from:[email protected] and choose as the action Send canned response: and choose the canned response you just created. You may want to make the filter more specific and/or choose other things to do with the message. (There are lots of posts here that cover Gmail and filters. Look under the tag.)

Now, whenever a message matches your criteria, a response with your canned text will be sent immediately back. As I mentioned, however, this will happen with every message that trips your filter.


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