I am using my smartphone as a wi-fi hotspot and have GPRS/2G/3G (selected according to location) to which my computer system connects for Internet access. Usually the speed is low, like 12 Kbytes/sec.

I want to read documents, specifically PDFs in Google Drive. It takes some time to load or doesn't load.

Is there a low bandwidth/mobile/basic-HTML view of Google Drive? This would be similar to forcing the desktop version of Google Drive to load a mobile HTML version.

I use Gmail in basic HTML view and Google AdSense in low-bandwidth version. If there could be the same for Google Drive then that would be nice.

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When I visit drive.google.com in my Android's browser, I'm redirected to drive.google.com/m.

I can follow that URL in my desktop browser and do indeed get the mobile-optimized version of the Google Drive site.

However, as soon as I click on a PDF file, I get the usual desktop PDF viewer. I don't see a way to force the PDF viewer to be a mobile-optimized version.

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