Assume I have created a label called "example@university.ac.uk" and I also have that account in my Gmail account, i.e. I can receive and send emails from it.

How do I send all the received emails from that account to the "example@university.ac.uk" label? I would like them to go directly there and not to have them also on the inbox. I tried the from option on filters but doesn't do this.


Under Settings (click the gear in the top-right corner), Account, look under the section titled Check mail from other accounts (using POP3):. Next to the account, select Edit Info.

account settings

You should see options to label messages coming into that account with a label. If you check "Archive income messages" the messages will skip the inbox, as the description states.

Alternatively, you can create a filter that does this. Create a filter, and in the "Has the Words" field, use this pattern:

(((from:(example@university.ac.uk)) OR (to:(example@university.ac.uk))))

This will match all emails to and/or from that email address.

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