Our school has a document that they want to share with the parents of the school. We'd like to be able to send a link and password to the school's mailing list.

I know that this isn't the most secure way of doing things, but the key thing is that the document can't be on an unprotected link.

Can anybody recommend a site or utility that would allow us to do this?

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Create a free Posterous blog and set it to private with a password.

A Posterous blog is simple to update - in your case, you would send an email with a file attachment(s). Within seconds or minutes you get an email reply from posterous with a permalink to your new post which contains the download file.

In your school newsletter you mention that link and the site password.

Advantages over dropbox (also a great solution):

  • If you need to change the group password, there is only one to change and all downloads will be protected under the new one immediately.
  • Parents only have to deal with one password (and they'll have the checkbox option of Remember password the first time they go to get a download).
  • Inherently, you get a history attachments (it's a blog after all).
  • You'll be familiar with a solid blogging platform if and when it's time to migrate technology used for the (mass email) school newsletter.

Late answer, but it might be useful to someone who reaches this page.

Both Dropbox and Box offer this feature, albeit on paid plans. Or you could use Passdropit, which works on top of Dropbox and doesn’t require a paid plan.

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