I often experience problems sending and getting contact information in mobile devices due to some weird incompatibilities (they often arrive garbled, empty or don't arrive at all). So I use plain SMS text, which is uncomfortable on both sides. Therefore I have doubts on attaching vCards to emails.

Is it likely that the attached vCard will not be opened correctly?

Is it safer inserting contact data to the email body?


I think it all depends on your interlocutors:

  • If they are a minimum tech-savvy I would just send the vcard as they should know they can open it with any text editor if they need to.
  • If they are not tech-savvy, I would insert the contact data to the email body and maybe add the vcard saying the contact information are attached as well.
  • In case you're not sure, it's a good idea to attach both vcard and plain text.

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