I am making a bookkeeping sheet.

The aim is to create rules, that search imported fields from our bank statement, and if a match is found automatically fill the adjoining cells with the rules data.



HEAD - Imported Field       - Payees (autofill) - Account (autofill)
ROW1 - payment to JASON U   - from rule below   - from rule below
ROW2 - 234322 MERCHANT FEES - from rule below   - from rule below

Rules:(separate sheet)

HEAD - Matched Term - Payee     - Account
ROW1 - JASON U      - Jason Ure - Drawings
ROW2 - MERCHANT     - CBA       - Fees

We have this working in Excel now, but need to get it working in Google Spreadsheets. Anyone know how to convert this? (see in skydrive/excel below) http://puu.sh/4DVsJ.png

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At this time, the LOOKUP function is available in the New Google Sheets.

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