I use Google Translate often and I wished there was a shortcut key for swapping language. Are there any?


If you use Google Chrome, this extension may be useful to you.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Translate

It allows to use keyboard shortcut for Google Translate on Web.

[Option](PC:[Alt]) + [0-7] keys are bound to each indexed button.
  • lang-swap button -> Option + 0
  • button1 -> Option + 1
  • button2 -> Option + 2
  • button3 -> Option + 3
  • button4 -> Option + 4
  • button5 -> Option + 5
  • button6 -> Option + 6
  • button7 -> Option + 7
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    In Chrome Alt/Ctrl + [ 1, 2 ... ] will switch tabs. – Menuka Ishan Oct 19 '17 at 3:30

Google Translate now has a Ctrl + Shift + S hotkey for swapping languages:


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    The key combination unfortunately conflicts with Firefox's "save screenshot region" hotkey. – user598527 Jun 29 '19 at 8:08
  • It also conflicts with windows switch keyboard, and Awesome Screenshot. – EresDev Apr 23 '20 at 10:33
  • @EresDev In my case it works as expected and it does not interfere with keyboard switch (Windows 10). I got 3 different keyboards installed. – Przemyslaw Remin Dec 28 '20 at 11:01

I use this trick (in Google Chrome):

Go to chrome://settings/searchEngines, in the Other search engines section click Add:

For the Search engine field enter a name of your choice.

For the Keyword choose a shortcut, typically a short word to go to translate from the address bar.

In the URL field enter this (this is for English> Arabic translation):


then click Save.

here's a screenshot (En> Ar):

enter image description here

Change the sl and tl values to change the source-language and the to-language respectively, for example the French to Russian translation, the URL would be:



In the address bar type your shortcut (tr) then press tap then your text to translate: enter image description here

press enter to go directly to translate with your text being translated into your to-language


There is none, but Google Translator Toolkit has some, and some browser extensions such as Google Translate™ Hotkey add a couple of hotkeys.

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