If a friend on Facebook isn't online, in the contacts bar you can see a phone icon beside the last time he's been on Facebook.

For example, if a contact's been online 16 minutes ago, I'll see beside his name: enter image description here.

But what does it mean when there's no time specified beside the icon?

i.e. enter image description here


Your friend has completely logged out of Facebook on his or her mobile device and has chat set to "off" on their computer. FYI: This does not mean he or she is truly offline. He or she can still access Facebook via their web connection without any indication of activity or of a time stamp. Extensive personal experience avoiding a stalker has led me to this solution.


This is a kind of bug. You can take a screenshot and report about this to Facebook here:


Source: Facebook Help Team


I noticed that even if they turn messenger to "off " to avoid a stalker, if you go into your last conversation with them, it will show last active in the conversation under their name.

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