Sometimes I'm looking for date-sensitive information and don't want to see results more than a certain age. Is there a way to specify this in a Google search?

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Yes, you can.

  • Go to Google's Advanced Search Page
  • Expand the Date, Usage Rights, NumericRange, and More section

Date Advanced Search

  • Choose from the following options
    • Past 24 hours
    • Past week
    • Past month
    • Past year


  • Do a regular Google Search
  • Expand the Show Search tools on the left underneath the search field
  • Choose from the following options.

Search Tools

Show Search Tools

These options appear in the query string. I don't think there is a way to include them in the regular search input as a search operator. In other words, I don't think it can be used like the filetype search term.


Once you preform the Google search, you can click on More search tools and then Custom Range...

This will use the publication date, which Google describes as:

Limit results according to when they were published on the Web. Google tries to estimate the publication date for a page by using information such as the date when Google first indexed the page.

If want to search for pages which contain a date (year only) within a given range, you can use the Numrange search feature. (e.g. Willie Mays 1950..1960.)

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