When I try to create folders in Confluence using WebDAV, I frequently run into issues.

For example, these directory names don't seem to be allowed:

  • css
  • images

Code example:

chris@localhost /cygdrive/w/Personal/~chris/Home
$ mkdir css
mkdir: cannot create directory `css': Permission denied

chris@localhost /cygdrive/w/Personal/~chris/Home
$ mkdir cssfolder  # This works ok!

Also, it seems that Confluence does not like a child folder if it has the same name as a grandparent's folder name.

Is there is list of the rules that define what is and isn't allowed?

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I don’t have a reference page for reserved names, but one thing to know is that you can’t create 2 pages with the same name in a Confluence space, which may translate (for WebDAV) as: below ~chris you cannot, even very deep, create 2 folders with the same name.


you tried this

mkdir /cygdrive/w/Personal/~chris/Home/css 

or this

mkdir -p css/anything

is there a css directory already?

find . -type d

it´s wicked because cssfolder works :-\

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