On GitHub I created a wiki page, "Page1", but now I realize it was a bad name and I want to rename it to "Page2" instead.

There are many external third-party HTTP links to Page1, so deleting it would be bad for the users and for SEO.

Is there a way to redirect Page1 to Page2 like in Wikipedia?

(GitHub uses the Gollum wiki engine)

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I have not found any better solution than this so far:

  1. Create Page2,
  2. Copy-paste content of Page1 to Page2,
  3. Replace content of Page1 with a link to Page2 like this: Moved, please see [[Page 2]].

Solution with keeping the original page

It is not possible to create a "moved permanently" response. Besides the manual way, you can do following locally:

  1. Clone the wiki repository (see URL at "Clone this wiki locally")
  2. Copy x.md to Y.md (where X is the old page, Y the new page)
  3. Replace the contents of X.md by a text and a link to Y.md (e.g. Moved, please see [[Y]]).
  4. git add -A
  5. git commit -m "Rename X to Y and add a link from X to Y"
  6. git push

Solution without keeping the original page

This is not good for SEO, but might be useful at the beginning of creation of a wiki.

You can clone the wiki repository (see URL at "Clone this wiki locally"), rename the file locally, do a git add -A, git commit -m "Rename file" and a git push.  

  • You need to stage the new file.
    – SOFe
    Jul 31, 2016 at 13:26

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