I'm a fairly heavy user of Google tools & am wondering if it's possible to view all items starred in each application.

For example, I remember reading about in something recently and am trying to find the reference. I don't know if it was in an email, or a Doc/Presentation or a site I starred in Chrome (but I know I starred it!).

Is there a central location I can use to search these things?

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Unfortunately, no. The various "stars" that Google uses in its apps are not part of a universal system. Only Gmail knows about the stars in Gmail, only Google Chrome knows about your stars (although if you're syncing your bookmarks, at least all of your browsers will know about the stars), only Google Drive knows about your Google Drive stars.

You might want to look into a service like Pocket to squirrel away things you want to get back to later, but even that's only a partial solution. (It won't really help you with a Gmail message, for instance.)

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