YouTube seems to be defaulting to HTML5 for me (using Chrome), such as this video. I'm unable to login to YouTube ("You are not eligible to create an account." on “Sign In”), so how can I turn off HTML5 as a guest?

I tried &html5=false in the address bar and it didn't help. The reason I need this is because YouTube is not really buffering the video for me in HTML5.


Install the YouTube Center user script and go to Youtube. You get a settings button now in the upper right corner. Click it to open the settings, switch to Player and select your preferred player.

enter image description here

Disable Dash Playback if buffering still doesn’t work.


Try the Flash Player for YouTube extension for Chrome or Firefox.

A very lightweight extension that allows you to watch YouTube videos using Flash Player instead of the default HTML5 player.

The Flash Player will consume less material resources (CPU, RAM) if your PC or laptop doesn't easily support HTML5 videos.

Why you should try it? Because for a lot of people the HTML5 player is laggy and causes playback issues.


Follow the steps as images are given below:

enter image description here]1

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