In a recent update, Strava modified the "Upload Activity" dialog so that users can set the correct bike before uploading their activity.

I have many activities incorrectly saved against the default bike and others with no bike set, uploaded before I added any bikes to my profile.

Is there a tool that would let me set the bike I used for multiple activities per submission?


Strava doesn't support bulk edits, but there is 3rd-party app that allows that - Objem

There is a tutorial for that app at https://www.darkerside.org/2015/12/objem-bulk-updater-for-strava/


  1. Go to https://objem-app.appspot.com/
  2. Connect with Strava
  3. Set filters in the IF panel to select activities that you want to edit. You can filter by date and activity type.
  4. Set fields you want to update in the UPDATE panel. In your case, you want to check Gear checkbox and select your bike.
  5. Hit Execute button to apply the changes.
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You can do the same thing with this one instead.


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