How can I set the gadget so that it will default as English to Spanish or Spanish to English which is what I use most? Every time I reopen the page, it defaults to English to German and I have to change it every single time.


The selection is saved in a cookie. When you allow cookies it should work.


In Firefox I go to Preferences under Menu/Add ons/Extensions and there are default From/To languages. Set these to auto/en or auto/es. I don't think you can give it a default target when translating from your default language.

I had the problem that it decided that my default target language was Spanish which I rarely read and don't understand. This did solve that problem.


you can force it at URL level like this:

(I have it saved as a bookmark so I can load it with just one single click)


Manually add 'Spanish to English' cookie to Chrome & bookmark it.

Search Google Translate > Set languages to Spanish to English > Copy the URL > Go to Chrome settings > Search Cookies > Site settings > Cookies and site data > Click Add next to Allow > Paste the URL

Then add a bookmark to the translated page.

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