Skype does not allow video chat between more than two participants.

Is there a video chat / conference call service that allows more than two participants to share video?


Probably the easiest service I have found for this: http://tinychat.com/

Supports MANY more than 3 video users. Nothing to install (but flash). Cheers!

  • This service has changed its look quite a bit from its initial launch, but don't let the "light" and "happy" colors discourage you from trying this quality product. :) (It's free, afterall.)
    – Michael
    Aug 3 '10 at 18:32

If you and the other participants are on Windows, there's a beta version of Skype which allows up to 5-way group video calls.

If you're all on Mac, iChat supports multiperson calls.

Update: The beta allowing for group calls is also available for Mac.


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