Blogger real-time stats was introduced. How can I exclude my own visits from counting in these statistics?

I know it is possible to set a cookie to exclude self traffic in Google Analytics. Is something similar possible with Blogger real-time stats?

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Sweet! Blogger in Draft just implemented a feature to exclude your own visits. It does not seam to work, yet, though.

Update: This cookie does not seem to hold it's value and work in IE (8). I realize it is just a "draft" feature, but I'm considering using the HOSTS file instead.

Update 2: Even when the cookie maintains it's value in non-IE browsers, the visits are still tracked. This new "draft" feature still has some kinks...

There is a new "Don't track your own pageviews" link in the real-time stats tab:

alt text


Block the Google Analytics domain from your HOSTS file:

# [Google Inc] www.google-analytics.com ssl.google-analytics.com

Apparently this might break some sites...


update: Blogger doesn't seem to use these URL's... anyone know the right URL to block?


I have been playing around with the Blogger stats and the "Don't track your own pageviews" option. Using an obscure blog of mine which gets 0 traffic, I noticed that every refresh resulted in a +1 in the stats page.
After many experiments and fiddling around, I noticed that my blog redirects to a country-specific url (.co.il, in my case). I tried navigating to the .com url (Using the /ncr option, as specified here), and finally got it to work - refreshing the .co.il tab adds 1 to my stats, refreshing the .com tab does not.
Seems like a bug on Google's side. I hope they will get it fixed.

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