I find the "protect range" function in Google Spreadsheets very useful, but I have one problem: I often need to set all of the collaborators' permissions to, for example, "Can comment."


It is very tedious to set them manually all at once, so is there any way to set all of the permissions to "Can comment"?

Or, is there any way to change the default permissions for a protected range?


I have created an AutoHotKey script for this, since there doesn't seem to be any way.

To use it, double click the first contributor in the lists's permission selector thing, and then just press right Ctrl. Every time you press right Ctrl, the next contributor's permissions will become "Can comment." After it reaches the last one, simply press Enter to close the dialog (or right Ctrl works too). Press right Win to end the script.

SendInput {Down}{Down}{Enter}{Tab}

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