How do you change your title to an anonymous animal on shared Google Drive documents?

I'm currently in a college class of about 150 and I'm the only person doesn't seem to know how to make themselves anonymous on our study guides. It's been a bit awkward studying for our midterm.


By logging out of your Google account before visiting these shared Google Docs.

I'm not aware of any setting inside the Google account to appear anonymous.


Open the document in a private/incognito browser session:

Mozilla Firefox: Right click document link -> Open Link in New Private Window.

Google Chrome: Right click document link -> Open Link in New Incognito Window.


you can make yourself anonymous by going to https://gist.github.com/Querela/d6ec6f54893791936431 there are many codes there from there if you are using an Apple computer you can right click and go to inspect. it will show you the code. look through the codes until you see the small arrow pointing to your picture. replace the link for the picture with one of these anonymous pictures then go down a little bit and change your name. it is complicated but it works you must be careful if you mess with the wrong code you can make enough errors in the code to crash the website. you can change the code on any website using this technique


If you use a custom domain, you can use an account outside of your domain to read the Doc.

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    It is not clear how "sign into a doc using an account outside of your domain" solves the problem. Could you add some more detail to your answer? – Vidar S. Ramdal Apr 4 '14 at 10:38

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