I'm trying to use submitted Google Form data in one spreadsheet to locate and retrieve data from another spreadsheet (tab in same document). The Google Spreadsheet file is here.

The =QUERY statement I'm trying to use is this:

=QUERY(sheet2!A1:K; "Select B, C where A =" & B1  ; 0)

It works if I remove the cell reference from where A =" & B1 ; 0) and I replace it with a static value like where A contains '123456' ").

Any suggestions on how to get the =QUERY to work using a cell=referenced value? The heading for the column being referenced is TEXT but the value of all rows below the heading is a NUMBER.

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The problem you have is that the data row reference changes when you drag-copy the formula down. It needs to be made static. So instead of


you need to write


or in this case (as you're starting from row 1 anyway), you can use:

  • Tom, thank you. Your change helped. The problem I have now is my spreadsheet is populated by a Google Form and the =QUERY doesn't auto fill down. Any suggestions?
    – Mr. B
    Nov 12, 2013 at 17:57

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