I'm the new GM for our company -- we have a Facebook page that is very outdated and no one knows how to access it by password or login - do we just abandon it and start over or do you have other suggestions?

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Facebook have a Help page entitled How do I claim a Page that already exists for my business? Can I merge it with my business's official Page? If no one is managing the Page, you can request to claim it:

  1. From the Page, click Gear icon below the Page's cover photo
  2. Select Is this your business?.
  3. Add and verify information about your business, like the address and website, and click Continue.
  4. Choose to verify your connection to the business by Email or Documentation:

    • Email: Choose this option if you have an email address associated with your Facebook account that is officially issued to you by your business. Email addresses from generic providers like Yahoo! or Gmail will not be accepted. The email address should correspond to your business's name (ex: [email protected]).
    • Documentation: Choose this option to upload a scanned copy or photo of an official document that shows your business's name and address (ex: phone bill, business license, business tax file or articles of incorporation).
  5. Click Submit.

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