I changed my name in Google for privacy reasons but if I search for my real name in Google I see the following result:

Real Name - Google+
from Fake Name
Fake Name hasn't shared anything with you...

That's even worse... now everybody can see what my fake name on the internet is. Is there a way to change this? I don't want my Google+ to appear in the search results at all.

I changed the name 1 month ago.


There are a couple of places in the Googleverse where a name is attached to your account. They are generally the same, but can get out of sync and you may need to change them manually.

  1. Gmail "Send mail as:" - From Gmail, choose "Settings", then "Accounts and Import", then click the "edit info" link for your main (or only) "Send mail as:" entry
  2. "Personal info & Privacy" in "My Account" - Go to myaccount.google.com, then "Personal info & Privacy" and the "Your personal info" section. You can change your name and nickname there
  3. Your Google "About Me" page - this appears to control what is displayed on Google+

Make sure all of those are showing the name you want.

As for being in search results, you need to go to your Google+ settings and turn off "Help others discover my profile in search results" under "Profile". (Google Support)

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