Wondering if there is a way to modify part of the web address (passed through in double quotes) in a =ImportHtml function in Google Spreadsheets?


www.schoolgrades.com/tom www.schoolgrades.com/jerry www.schoolgrades.com/daffy

I just want to be able to do this for a whole list of names without having to edit the ImportHtml function. I haven't been able to get it to work yet but am sure it can be done.


You could concatenate the URL from another cell. Let's say you have 3 columns, where each column header is a name:

Tom | Jerry | Daffy

... and that you want row 2 - X to be populated by the importHTML function. Then, in row 2 column A, you would write

=importHTML("http://www.schoolgrades.com/" & A1)

This will be interpreted as =importHTML("http://www.schoolgrades.com/Tom"). If you drag the formula across row 2, the formula will automatically be updated so that row 2, column B will be =importHTML("http://www.schoolgrades.com/" & B1) etc.

In case you wondered, the & is the string concatenation operator.

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