I have a Google Business email – so I sign into Gmail using my email address with my own domain.

I don't need the business services any longer.

But I do need my emails, the email account even if it's with a gmail address instead of my domain, and my bookmarks and other things associated with the account.

In other words I'd like to change it so it's a free account.

What happens when I make it a free account? Do I lose my email account, bookmarks, etc?

Or is there a way to keep them?

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Disclaimer: my answer is based on what I read at support.google.com and not on personal experience.

First of all you can't downgrade from Business Google Apps to Standard Google Apps (see Downgrade to Google Apps). Your only option is to delete the account. "In order to delete a Google Apps account, you must delete all users except for one administrator account. Please note that deleting users will delete all associated data, and is unrecoverable. You will want to migrate all data off of Google Apps before deleting users." (see Delete your Google Apps account).

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