I am trying to create a question on edX Studio where the answer is an inequality. As far as I understand edX used the Mathjax library for which \ge or ≥ represent the ≥ symbol. I can use \ge in the question and it is displayed properly.

<p>Enter the inequality \[x \ge 1\]: </p>


Enter the inequality x ≥ 1:

There is a text box input field and a MathJax_Display div to display the formula. I would expect that the input fiel would accept > or < etc. but it doesn't, nor does it accept html/xml entities or MathJax macros. If I type x > 1, x \ge 1 or x &ge; 1 in the input field the formula display shows "Sorry couldn't parse formula" Is there a way that I can get the input field to accept an inequality symbol that the MathJax_Display div will be able to parse?

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