I have registered a Facebook account only for my website's Facebook page.

Then I wanted to make a developers’ Facebook app, so I registered on http://developers.facebook.com and verified my account.

On the developers’ page, when I go to App menu item to create an app, I get redirected to first page without any notification or error message.

Is this a bug or what? How can I make an app on this account?

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You must use a personal account. There is no way around it.

'Business' or advertising accounts can't manage apps - if at some point in the past you were able to create an app using a business account this is a bug or loophole and shouldn't have been possible - only real verified user accounts should be able to create and manage apps.

If you need to share ownership of the app between multiple people you can do so either via making a Facebook Group an admin and adding the other admin users to that group, or by adding the users directly via the API or the 'Roles' tab of the App settings: Role management popup with 'Create Group' option

You can also specify a business account which will manage the ads for an app in the app settings - on the Advanced tab - but this is the only supported connection between apps and business accounts -

screenshot here

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