How can I allow for multiple Google Drive users to edit the same HTML document at a time? Whenever I use an HTML file it doesn't allow it to be edited in Drive (by me or the other user).

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Only Google Drive "native" documents can be edited collaboratively. If you want to edit an HTML file that way in Google Drive you'll need to make it a Google Doc and then convert it later.


To edit HTML files by several users at the same time in Google Drive you need to connect an non-Google app that has that feature.

To add non-Google app,

  1. Go to http://drive.google.com
  2. Click on Settings (button with a gear icon) > Manage Apps

    Settings - Manage Apps

  3. Click on Connect more apps.

  4. Search and choose for an app
  5. Click on Connect.

Note: The Learn more link shown in the snapshot points to Non-Google apps in Drive - Google Drive Help.

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