How can I allow for multiple Google Drive users to edit the same HTML document at a time? Whenever I use an HTML file it doesn't allow it to be edited in Drive (by me or the other user).


Only Google Drive "native" documents can be edited collaboratively. If you want to edit an HTML file that way in Google Drive you'll need to make it a Google Doc and then convert it later.


To edit HTML files by several users at the same time in Google Drive you need to connect an non-Google app that has that feature.

To add non-Google app,

  1. Go to http://drive.google.com
  2. Click on Settings (button with a gear icon) > Manage Apps

    Settings - Manage Apps

  3. Click on Connect more apps.

  4. Search and choose for an app
  5. Click on Connect.

Note: The Learn more link shown in the snapshot points to Non-Google apps in Drive - Google Drive Help.

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